Wine1When planning your wedding, a party or any other event which calls for a supply of alcohol, one question which always comes up, is just how much alcohol should you buy to make sure you don’t run out? That’s where we come in at saleorreturnalcohol.co.uk – we want to give you some pointers so you can make sure that you have enough alcohol for your wedding, party, or even just the weekend…we want to make sure you have enough alcohol so you don’t run out, without the pain or expense of having to store silly amounts of booze for ages!

The concept is simple, you want to know how much alcohol you need, we want to help you get it right! We also understand that in these testing times, getting cheap wedding wine, or good value on your party wine is even more important, and we’re here to help you get your sale or return alcohol, and help you save money where possible!

Sale or return alcohol is, in our experience, the best way of working with the question of how much alcohol do I need for my wedding, or how much drink do I need for my party? You get the best of everything – the convenience of having the wine, the beer, or the other alcohol to hand at your party, but if you don’t drink it, you can send it back for a refund…not everyone offers this service, but after having a number of friends ask us after our own wedding, how we knew how much wine to provide, we started telling everyone about the benefits of sale or return alcohol, and then started looking around for suppliers we could put people in touch with who would offer this service, and here we are with the new look saleorreturnalcohol.co.uk website to help you out.